The Garden of the Absent is a memorial for the unborn and a place of healing for their mothers. The forbidden grief of abortion will be allowed in this Garden, where a flower* will be planted for every aborted child. On the first Sunday of every month, people who gather in the cementery of Paracuellos del Jarama will be offered a time of prayer and ceremonies to attone for this crime and heal the wounds of abortion for women and for society as a whole.

The Garden will be planted in the cementery of the town of Paracuellos del Jarama, nearby Madrid, and the inaugural ceremony will take place on the 4th of July, on the Eve of the enforcement of the new abortion law in Spain. It will be made up of a statue of Mother Mary with a baby in her arms and an inscription on her pedestal saying: "IN MEMORIAM of the victims of abortion, and for motherly love to blossom". Our goal is to build these Garden-Memorials all over Spain, in all the diocesis, and have written the Conference of Bishops about it. Moreover, our project is to actually bury the children in that memorial and we have asked the Bishop's Conference to ask the Government to facilitate it. This Memorial is part of our National Plan for Post-abortion Healing, which includes de RV Retreats and online post-abortion therapy available through

We invite everyone to join us in planting their own Garden of Life to make the whole world blossom anew with motherly love.

For more information and contributions, write or call 00-34-609 229 806.

* The word for pansies in Spanish is “ pensamientos” , meaning thoughts , which is where an aborted baby lives permanently in his mother's mind.


- Prayer for life.